Love Could Be A Zip Code Away From Where You Live – Literally! 

Your location can increase or decrease your opportunities for finding love. If you’re thinking about discovering the best places to find love, a new job, or to market your business, it’s a great idea to get an update on how your unique planetary alignments could influence circumstances in your favor.

Here’s An Example:

Laura lives in the Washington, D.C. area, where handsome, successful, financially secure men are in good supply. She gets a plenty of dates, and would love to get married, but for some reason, she hasn’t met the right match for her. She’s attractive, kind, loyal, has a great job, yet love has remained elusive.

During an astrology consultation, her natal chart was analyzed vis-à-vis the U.S. map, to identify varying life conditions in different geographical locations and uncover the secrets to Laura having a successful love-life.

Through in-depth planetary analysis of mathematical & geographical points in her chart, vis-à-vis the U.S. Map, it was determined that the DMV area was great for accomplishments and achievements in her career BUT not the same for love. Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with the dating pool in her city – they are successful, intelligent, good guys – but for some reason, things weren’t working out well as she would have liked them to.

If Laura wanted to find love that would lead to marriage, she definitely had to consider either relocating (not happening!) OR vacationing at the specific locations that were her hot-spots for marriage.

In her natal chart, that would be the Mid-West. Who woulda thunk it? Laura suddenly remembers a female friend who had moved to Oklahoma 8 years ago. She renews contact with her, visits her a couple of times, and familiarizes herself with the area.

Best times and locations for love

One night at the local Steak House, she meets handsome, charming, chivalrous Jonathan who couldn’t seem to take his eyes off hers. They strike up a conversation and a bi-coastal relationship ensues. Both parties had similar values, future goals, were serious and committed to making their love and relationship successful. Thank goodness for video-chat and frequent flyer miles! Suffice it to say, seven months later, Jonathan put a ring on it, and the rest is matchmaking history!

Astrology Readings: Get A Love Forecast That’s Just For You

How Does It Work?

All of our services are confidential and your information is safe with us. As our client, we understand that you are a unique individual, therefore, you get an in-depth consultation that’s specifically tailored to meet your needs. Decisions will not be made for you during any reading. Ultimately, you have free will to make your decisions. Our style is direct, straightforward and solutions-based, and our clients trust us to elucidate their most arcane subject matter and guide them through knowledge, discovery, and illuminating insight.

How Does It Work?
This is not the usual garden-variety or fortune-cookie astrology horoscope, replete with a dark lit room or a black cat lurking in the shadows, and we don’t wear long, flowing robes or mumus! Here’s what we do: To provide insight, we developed a proprietary system where we use a combination of astrological concepts and principles (e.g. mathematical points, geographical data, technical analysis of planetary charts, pattern identification, pattern recognition, transit cycles) to study and analyze unique planetary patterns, in order to decipher where the planets are traveling through the solar system, through what constellations, at what time, and what’s aligned for specific purposes. Any surprises in store? Life is in constant motion and that movement can be beneficial to us. Sometimes, we’ll pre-date history and take a walk down memory lane, or take big leaps into a future time to see where your planets are in the sky, at what time, and how they are aligned.

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1 hour Urgent/Emergency Reading: $250

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