Please Note: Astrology, Sex & Relationship Compatibility are very in-depth, and certainly more detailed than the information we provided in this article. What we have done here, in this article, is present you with a very tiny morsel of the vast scope of Astrology, Sex & Compatibility, without inundating you with the mechanics and inner-workings of Astrology–Leave that part to us! Lol.

“You Rock My World…Do I Rock Yours?” Understanding Compatibility & the Sexual Side of The Zodiac.

Sexy librarian? Finally! Welcome to the sexy side of the zodiac. Let’s take a peek at the intimate side of the zodiac, shall we? There’s more to each sign than meets the eye, and every sign has a distinct sexual and sensual flavor… 

An in-depth study of you and your lover’s individual and combined planetary alignments will give your individual and unique bedroom recipe. 

Have you ever wondered why a sexual relationship didn’t work? Well, sex is just sex. This recipe, on the other hand, can help you discover you and your lover’s turn-ons and turn-offs in love and life. It can also help you to learn a lot about relationship glue.

Unfortunately, you can’t force it and you can’t fake it. It’s either you sizzle as a couple or you don’t – or you can work at creating your own recipe for success with knowledge and insight from astrology.

The ultimate recipe is a combination of physical and emotional attraction commitment indicators highlighted below.

Sexxtrology™ = Sexual Chemistry + Physical Attraction + Emotional Connection + Compatibility.

Let’s Take A look At Some Examples. Please note: These are a few examples and not the full scope of the very many indicators of compatibility between Zodiac signs and Natal Charts. Enjoy!

 Jane is an out-going, social-butterfly, Gemini. She meets Mark, a conservative, home-body Taurus. A seemingly unlikely pair, right? Well, there’s more to Astrology than Sun signs. Jane’s planet Venus (Love) and asteroid Eros (Cupid’s arrow) are at 10 and 13 degrees respectively in her Pisces 4th house, while Mark’s planet Mars (passion, sex drive, energy, determination) and Venus (Love) are both conjunct at 11 degrees in Pisces 7th house. With such tight aspects (within a 3 degree orb) when they meet, sparks fly, leading to nights of mind-blowing sex and a deeply, intimate connection to each other. How come?

Underneath Jane’s social exterior beats a romantic heart which nobody ever gets to see. Pisces being a dreamy, romantic, creative, intuitive, psychic sign, and Mark’s passionate Mars and romantic Venus being in dreamy Pisces, he intuitively understands the love she secretly yearns for and is able to love her the way she dreams of being loved. Their nights are filled with passion, rose petals, wine, chocolate, sensuality and a strong bond.

Jane: 4th house, Pisces = Home, Stability, Security, Nurture and Comfort Zone.

Mark: 7th house, Pisces = House of Marriage, Committed Relationships and Partnerships.

 (Jane): Elusive; Social; Needs Mental Stimulation; Talks during sex; verbally and orally expresses her desires (with her voice, lips, tongue); Touchy-Feely (good with her hands); Dual-personality (Gemini is the twin sign) can easily role-play fantasies – Gemini is famous for their revolving door of personality changes.

Taurus (Mark): Grounded; Secure; Strong Libido; Sexual Prowess; Ardent Lover; Sensual; Visual; Loves beauty, luxury, femininity and good cuisine; Stimulated by all 5 senses; In search of his perfect 1950’s Stepford Wife by day and Sexy Vixen by night who worships at the altar of his penis – Need I say more? Enough said!

 Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, Dreamy, Ethereal, Has no walls or barriers, Creativity, Imagination, Fantasy, Illusion, Mystique.

The vibration between these two people shows a strong emotional connection with a desire to merge lives (Pisces has no walls or barriers), either through marriage or a committed relationship. Looks like a great combination for a very romantic, sensual marriage filled with lots of passion, costumes, and GREAT SEX. Think: Susie-homemaker or sexy librarian in crotch-less underwear. Muy caliente!

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Not only is this information helpful insight into the chemistry and attraction dynamics of your relationship, it’s a must-have. It reveals your love interest’s approach to love, what turns them on, what turns them off, the strengths and weaknesses they bring to a relationship, the challenges they face in love and what they need in order to become emotionally committed to someone. Yes, this includes sex but it really goes beyond sex to uncover the secrets to their soul-mate connections.

Consultations & Readings: How Does It Work?

My services are confidential and your information is safe with me. As my client, I understand you are a unique individual, therefore, you get an in-depth consultation that’s specifically tailored to meet your needs. Decisions will not be made for you during any reading. Ultimately, you have free will and are responsible for making your decisions.

My style is straightforward and solutions-based, and my clients trust me to elucidate their most arcane subject matter and guide them through discovering the knowledge they need to maximize their love-lives successfully. More about me.

In order to know what, how, where, and when you flourish, it’s important to understand what your specific planetary alignments are, then:
(a) Play to your strengths & be aware of weaknesses.
(b) Identify where your opportunities are.
(c) Timing is everything – know it, breathe it, use it.

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How Does It Work? 
This is not the usual garden-variety or fortune-cookie astrology horoscope, replete with crystal balls, a dark lit room and a black cat lurking in the shadows – I don’t have a crystal ball and I sure as heck don’t wear a long, flowing robe or mumu!

To outline “life’s” inner workings and provide insight, I developed a proprietary system where I use a combination of astrological concepts and principles (e.g. mathematical points, geographical data, technical analysis of planetary charts, pattern identification, pattern recognition, transit cycles) to study and analyze unique planetary patterns, in order to decipher where the planets are traveling through the solar system, through what constellations, at what time, and what’s aligned for specific purposes.

Any surprises in store? The solar system is in constant motion and that movement can be beneficial to us. Sometimes, we’ll pre-date history and take a walk down memory lane, or take big leaps into a future time to see where your planets are in the sky, at what time, and how they are aligned.

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