For: Mid-advanced level astrology lovers and enthusiasts. I thought I’d go ahead and share some insight with you on the importance of astrology, using some examples, this time from from Vedic astrology, not Western (e.g. American) astrology.

Why Astrology Matters:

(1) The favorable placement of certain planets in one’s chart will yield fantastic results (e.g. abundant wealth, favor, honor, marriage, love, career success and more) during its cycle. Planetary strength is determined by house, sign, aspects, inter-planetary relationships and the strength of one’s natal charts.

(2) A debilitated (weak) planet will show the difficult energy associated with it and could seem like hell during its cycle.

To get a good understanding of this concept, imagine the EXTREME discomfort you would experience if you had to live, work or associate with people who don’t particularly like you, feel comfortable with you, are likely to endanger you or have declared you to be a sworn enemy!

Reason #1: Planetary Transits, Aspects & Patterns.
Planetary transits, aspects and the patterns they make to your planets in your own natal chart.

Reason #2: Planetary Cycles.
Everyone is on a specific planetary cycle, every second of everyday, based on one’s exact date, time and location of birth. Starting at your one’s exact moment of birth, they occur in specifically calculated patterns with varying mix and match combinations of major-period + sub-period + sub-sub-period + sub-sub-sub-period etc., which spans an exact period of 120 years. Each major and sub-period is a mathematical derivative of the preceding, current and ensuing cycle.

The Cycles Unfold In This Order:
(1) South Node – 7 years      (2) Venus – 20 years     (3) Sun – 6 years    (4) Moon – 10 years     (5) Mars – 7 years
(6) North Node – 18 years    (7) Jupiter – 16 years   (8) Saturn – 19 years   (9) Mercury – 17 years   *Total = 120 years

Case Study #1 – The major period of Jupiter lasts 16 years, which is 16/120 of the entire cycle.  An example of a sub-period of Venus occurring under (at the same time as) the major period of Jupiter would be 20 x 16/120 = 2.7 years. If you have an exalted or well placed Venus in an auspicious house in your chart, that would entail 2.7 years of fantastic results in love, career, finances.

Result – Wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time, plan accordingly and be prepared with knowledge of precisely where your financial breakthroughs are? – #BuildYourEmpire.

Case Study #2 – An example of a major period + sub-period of Jupiter (Major period) and Venus (Sub period) would be 16/120 x 120 = 2.7 years. If you (the client) have a debilitated Venus in your chart, that would entail 2.7 years of major drama in love, career, finances.

Result – Wouldn’t you rather know ahead of time, plan accordingly and be prepared with knowledge of precisely where and when your financial pitfalls and scarcity are? – #GetInOuttaTheRain!

You can find out how to manage your love-life, career & finances by using your planetary fluctuations to your advantage.

FYI: Angular houses are considered to be the places of power and planets, whether good or bad, have full expression in these houses. The Trine houses represent places of opportunity and good fortune BUT, knowing this doesn’t come close to scratching the surface, that’s just kindergarten information, compared to the ‘Ph.D’ of information that should be available to you.

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