What’s the point in knowing the moon is in Aquarius or for that matter, knowing any other astrology/horoscope info if you don’t know what to do with it?

If you’ve ever wondered about this, look no further. I write horoscopes to give you windows of opportunity for love, life, and career, interspersed with fun, laughter, and a fabulous sense of humor along the way!


This week’s off to a great start with the Moon in Aquarius, in effect on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Got something you’re working on? Apply new methods, ideas, some technology to revamp it. Think outside the box–literally! Give form and structure to your brilliant ideas. Show your inner Einstein!

There’s great opportunity to awaken your sheer genius if you try.

The challenge could be to dig/think deeper in order to give “birth” to your version of genius (especially on Monday–see reasons below).

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday = Great for shopping and over-the-top expressions of glamour. Also great for flashes of insight/genius in your creative works + avant garde expressions of fashion, art, design, beauty.

Networking, partnerships & collaborations hold great promise, so reach out and connect with others. It’s okay to ask questions or ask for help if you need it. You just never know…

The Sun & Mercury (currently in Scorpio) could make Monday morning feel slightly irritable BUT it will pass rather quickly e.g. a couple hours or so, especially during the morning commute. Alternatively, idle chit-chat, communications-related devices/outlets/media could be distracting!!

On a personal note, your challenge could be to LET GO of a grudge or something that’s keeping you from moving forward in love, life or career (especially on Monday, for the reasons above).

Nov. 9th, Mars will join in on this celestial party to give you even more gumption and bravado, as you charge forward with your goals.

Overall, barring any challenges from your chart or external factors beyond your control, you’re likely to feel very optimistic about the future and your plans, so go for it!

Good luck looking for, and finding your windows of opportunity!

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