The comments made by these women here exemplify WHY many men are either not interested, or pull back from dating, marriage or commitment.

Background Of The Story: A woman named Catherine Kieu, drugged her husband, cut off his penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife, and put it in a garbage disposal to prevent reattachment. When the police arrived, they found her husband tied down in bed, bleeding. They had been married 16 months, and he had filed for a divorce two months earlier. He had NOT abused or been abusive to her.

My Dating Advice & Commentary: Hear that laughter? That is why many women are single, and men are NOT interested in dating, marrying or committing to women. What a tragedy it is that the older women (in the video) could not seize the opportunity to appropriately counsel or advice younger women. No wonder so many younger women are having so much difficulty navigating through dating and relationships! How unconscionable for a group full of women, and their audience to laugh and derive so much sick, twisted pleasure at the thought of pain inflicted on a man by his wife? A man who did nothing to his wife? Over his right to exercise his own free-will? Notice how happy Sharon Osbourne is? She has a son and a husband, yet it never occurred to her that it could have been either of them. Many women lack empathy towards (1) each other, and (2) towards men. They pretend to “uplift and empower” other women, yet they secretly hate one another. They pretend to care about men BUT the truth is: they only see men as their property and as objects to be used for their resources.

Just imagine the public outrage if it had been the other way around i.e. the man cut off the woman’s breast or clitoris and put in the garbage disposal. Would it be funny then or would women say it perpetuates “rape culture” or domestic violence against women? Like it or not, this selfishness of women as a collective, and the inability to self-correct and self-regulate each other is why men are not interested in dating, marrying or committing to women anymore. Why should they? Would you commit to men who laughed at, mocked, ridiculed your pain? To ask the question is to know the answer. To find success in dating and relationships, there needs to be a significant shift in the way we as human beings treat each other.

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I hope this gives everyone some food for thought.
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