Hi, Virgo! Feeling stuck lately? Quite frankly, it’s almost as if you’ve been ‘stuck in neutral’ for many, many months (years?) now, and every time you feel like you’re ready to move forward, something makes you feel stuck again, right? You’re anxious to shift gears and drive your life, career, and relationships forward.

Here’s the deal: All forms of security, stability, career, and home-related drama may have kept you occupied for a really long time. For some of you, what manifested was your discovery that certain people were not exactly who they said or pretended to be. In other cases, what showed up was what I refer to as ‘romantic-deceivers.’ I wrote about this earlier this year, here and here, as things Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius signs should be on the look out for, and avoid. Not to worry, there’s hope!

Reason: Astrologically speaking, you are the zodiac’s healer and physician. Your special brand of medicine is helping people solve problems. You thrive in service to others! The thought of a friend or stranger experiencing any type of difficulty makes you spring into action ASAP! How many times have you dropped what you were working on, at the drop of a hat, to help someone? Exactly! Your natural response or reaction is to help everyone else at home, work, school etc., that you often forget about yourself, thus failing to question or ask: What about me, my goals, and my plans? That’s the old Virgo way.

The new way? The Universe is tasking you with the responsibility of building your own secure and stable structures for your future. Your current planetary alignments strongly suggest that it’s imperative that you create a plan, strategize, and implement what exactly you want your future to be. In other words, physician, heal thyself.

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Here’s what this means for you: It’s time to crystallize your vision because from Sept 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017, when the planets re-align in your financial sector, you’ll get to cash in on your investment of time, energy, plans etc. I could write a whole lot more but…I’ll save it for later. Suffice it to say, you’ll get your shot, but you must do the work. There’s no avoiding or circumnavigating it. Circa December 2014, Saturn the taskmaster and disciplinarian planet has been in a challenging position to Virgo (this includes those who have a Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising signs, angles, and personal planets).

In addition, Neptune’s opposition to the Virgo placements mentioned above. If you allow it, it can dissipate your energy and cast a fog over clarity of vision or purpose; and suddenly, life’s a blur and some days, you wake up feeling dizzy or light-headed. And then you find yourself wondering whatever happened to the hardworking, focused, determined, analytical, critical Virgo you used to be. Don’t allow it. Knowledge is power. Now you know what’s up, so take the bull by the horns and live your life…one day at a time.

The solution is to strike that delicate balance between making concrete, solid plans for the future (mentioned above), and the ethereal (e.g. tap into the spiritual, creative, intuitive forms of creative self-expression). It would be remiss of me not to mention the importance of doing your best to avoid the lure of drugs, alcohol, debauchery, and other possible manifestations of Neptune’s many escapist tendencies.

Over all, Sept 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017 offers an excellent opportunity to find your voice, hone your craft, teach something, speak your truth, make what you have to say matter, find value within yourself, and create something tangible and valuable. Do this to resolve the Virgo conundrum, and at last, the ‘physician’ would have healed himself/herself. I wish I could see your personal natal chart in order to glean additional information on the specifics, as it pertains to you (i.e. in-depth details about what, how, where, and when).

All the same, always remember: You are a magnificent Virgo. Be prepared for the opportunities coming your way. Have specific goals you would like to accomplish. Something challenging. No shortcuts because taskmaster Saturn is still in a challenging angle to your Sun sign, however, he rewards hard work and diligence — two skills you’re naturally great at! So, what’s the opportunity in the next moment? The answer is in what you make of this moment you’re being presented with, and how you make it align with your higher (and earthly) purpose, while understanding that by focusing on your overall well-being you are in essence fine-tuning your ability, talent and gift to be of service to others as well. In other words, focusing on you in a (non-selfish way), will better prepare you to focus on others who may need you, in the areas of service you are great at.

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Image Courtesy of Adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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