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About The Sledgehammer Approach

Dating & Relationship Advice:
The Sledgehammer smashes through the nonsense, and gets straight to the heart of the matter. It is direct, straightforward, no nonsense, no holds barred, blunt advice to dating and relationship questions. We call it like we see it, and we say it like we mean it.

Want to be lied to? Go somewhere else, read a self-serving blog post or article, or listen to the readily available advice out there which usually ends up destroying people’s relationships.

Want something meaningful? Get blunt advice here. If you’re sick and tired of being lied to, or getting unproductive dating advice that panders to women’s ego and emotions because it makes women feel ‘uplifted’ and ’empowered,’ and you’ve finally decided you want to start solving your problems, it’s time to contact us to get The Sledgehammer, a blunt advice consultation.

Understand this: We don’t have the patience to tell you politically correct, half-truths with zero substance. We’re going to tell you exactly what we think and, you’ll just have to roll up your sleeves, and do the inner and outer work required to solve your problem. And yes, we’re going to ask you to make a donation for it.

We won’t insult or diminish our own intelligence with all that ‘Uplift, Empower, Inspire’ stuff you see on social media. That stuff’s ‘noise,’ and let’s face it, empty vessels always make the loudest noise. That noise keeps people Single as the cat lady, and you don’t want that. Besides, it’s not our responsibility to validate you – it’s called self-esteem for a reason.

So here’s the deal:
We bring valuable advice to the table for suggested donation amounts. Meaning, you have a situation, you ask us a question about it via email or our contact form, and we confirm via email that you’re an actual human being, not spam or a robot, you make a suggested donation amount, and we give you our answer to your question or situation. There’s no astrology involved here, however, if you want astrological guidance, click here.

The Sledgehammer Is Great For Questions Such As:

  1. I’m tired of dating people who at first, everything feels great, the electricity is in the air, I’m filled with hope and suddenly, without warning, it’s over and I’m left alone to pick up the pieces, wondering, “Why didn’t I see that coming?”
  2. I’m tired of investing my time and emotions into a date or a relationship, only to discover it wasn’t worth it after all.
  3. Am I in the friend-zone? Am I dating a commitment-phobe, or is there any real chance at love here?
  4. We keep making up and breaking up. What’s going on here? How can we resolve this?
  5. I’m in a relationship but we keep bumping heads. I need help understanding how to make us work.
  6. I want to know what my love interest requires for a fulfilling, committed relationship.
  7. Just met someone, and I need help trying to figure things out.
  8. Ghosting: Did I just get ghosted? Why do you think I got ghosted?
  9. My date or boyfriend just broke up with me. I want him back. What can I do to show him that I’ve changed, or that I want him back?
  10. I have a dating and relationship question, and would appreciate your advice.

Naturally, your question may be different from those mentioned above. No problem. Go ahead and email it to us.

The Sledgehammer is a donations-based service with suggested donations via PayPal. When you click on the link, sign up or login to PayPal, or use your debit/credit card.

How It Works:

1. Send an email to OR use this contact form, explaining your situation, problem or question. Be very clear. Get to the point. Don’t ramble. Explain your situation without going on and on. Be honest about what you say in your email or contact form. Being wishy-washy is not in your best interest. It can impact the response you receive from us.

2. The next step is the suggested donation amount via PayPal. When we receive confirmation of your donation amount, we will begin to work on your question, option or situation.

3. Upon confirmation, we’ll send you an email to thank you for your donation, and we’re getting started with your question or situation. If further clarification is needed, we may have to ask you follow up questions.

4. You will receive our response to your question within 2 to 5 business days of us confirming your donation to us. If it’s urgent, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

5. The format in which you will receive our answer to your question will be either in audio mp3 file, or in written form via email. This is what most clients prefer, and we find that it works very well.

Important Information:
Be sure to include the name and email address you used  (when you contacted us), in the “instructions” area of your PayPal donation, if available. Alternatively, you can use this form to provide us with details you think we should know, or you can send an email to to explain your situation, problem or question, after you’ve made a donation. This is to help avoid mix-ups, and to ensure that we easily match the right donation amount to the right person, name, and email address.

Donations are non-refundable. Per our Terms of Service, we do not and cannot offer or charge you or anyone for professional medical, psychological, financial, or legal advice. Only certified medical, financial professionals, lawyers, psychologists, appropriate licensed professionals can do so. Clients must be age 18 and older. We will not make any decision for you during any of our advice, readings or consultations. Ultimately, you have freewill. That means you are responsible for your decisions, thoughts, choices, actions, well-being. We do not guarantee your future or your outcome. You are responsible for doing your life’s work, homework and preparation.


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