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Founded by a real Astrologer, The Fashion Astrologer™ is a strategic sales consulting and outsourcing agency whose mission is to provide our clients with the best services in Dating, Relationships, Matchmaking, Fashion, and Beauty, to drive additional traffic, and increase audience engagement on a regular basis, which results in increased exposure to our clients products, services, advertising, marketing and affiliate services.

Our digital publication provides Dating and Relationship Advice to our readers, from an astrological and real life perspective.

Our unique blend of services is presented in a language that’s modern, relatable, easy to understand, and applicable to real life.

We are located in the Washington, DC Metro Area, and our clients span across the United States and the globe, to include England, Canada, Philippines, Africa, and counting.

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Overview of Services We Provide

  • Fashion Forecast: Emerging Trends & Designs™
    for fashion & beauty businesses
  • Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™)
  • Love GPS™ (Locate & Decode Mr/Miss Right)
  • Horoscope Writing Services
  • Experiential Marketing Events
  • Workshops & Classes
  • Dating & Relationship Events
  • Matchmaking & Date Coaching
  • Consultants To Matchmakers/Coaches
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Astrology Readings & Consultations

Here’s How We Can Serve You

1. Fashion Forecast: Emerging Trends & Designs™
Great for buying strategy, conceptual design, product design, and strategic positioning for Fashion & Beauty businesses.

2. Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™)
Colors and/or patterns that can be mixed, matched, and uniquely adapted to suit each client’s specific preferences.

3. Horoscope Writing Services 
Horoscopes drive additional traffic, and increase audience engagement on a regular basis, which results in increased exposure to your products, services, advertising, marketing and affiliate links. In order to serve you better, this service operates within 5 categories (A to E) listed below:

(a) Fashion & Beauty Horoscopes
Articles, curated items, mood boards, and Fashion & Beauty Horoscopes to inform shoppers on Colors, Trends, Styles, Beauty Product Must-Haves, Clothes, Shoes, Shopping Habits, The Hottest Accessories, and more. Each content is customized to suit seasons, themes, trends, events, a store’s blog, catalog, or online store.

(b) Dating & Relationship Horoscopes
We write articles on Dating Advice, Dating & Relationship Astrology, and Love Horoscopes on how, where, and when to find love. Our signature services include: Sexxtrology™ManSugarHow He Likes To Do It, What Type of Woman He’s Truly Attracted To, It’s Raining Men!, Love GPS™ & Bespoke Services.

(c) Monthly & Yearly Horoscopes
Personalized horoscopes for each zodiac sign, highlighting significant themes for Monthly Horoscopes, The Year Ahead, or Specific Events e.g. Birthday Horoscopes.

(d) Special Topics, Features
Your choice of a special topic with a focus on dating, relationships, career, fashion, beauty, pop culture or lifestyle. Examples include: The Fashionista’s #1 Guide To Surviving A Mercury Retrograde, Astrological Indicators He’s Hung-Like-A-Horse, How To Identify & Tap Into Your Good Luck Potential, How To Get Your Crush To Be So Into You!

(e) Celebrity & Culture Horoscopes
What’s up with your favorite celebrities? Our trending celebrity news sheds cosmic light on celebrities and pop culture in order to provide readers and listeners with relatable advice on love, life, and career without exploiting negative behavior.

4. Experiential Marketing Events
We can help you personalize your audience engagement by giving your audience a memorable Shopping Experience, Dating & Relationship or a Sexxtrology™ Cocktails & Cuisine that’s customized to suit your needs. Examples include group Events & Mixers.

5. Workshops & Classes
We offer workshops & classes that cover a wide range of topics on matchmaking, dating, relationships, fashion, and beauty. Take a look, join us or schedule a session.

6. Astrology Readings & Consultations
Personalized astrology reading services that are customized to suit your needs. Gain clarity, and a deeper, richer knowledge of yourself. Schedule a reading.

7. Matchmaking Services & Consultant To Matchmakers/Coaches
We provide professional matchmaking services to relationship-minded Singles who are looking for love, and we also partner with matchmakers, dating coaches, and dating sites to provide consultations, advice, dating events, articles, talks, workshops, and mixers on compatibility, sexual chemistry, physical attraction, and emotional connection for dating and relationships.

8. Membership Services
We debunk unproductive dating advice that caters to women’s ego & emotions, and we teach & provide the right, insightful advice to relationship-minded singles on how to find love, and sustain love. Here, you’ll get our special blend of direct, straightforward, solutions-based advice, no nonsense commentary, feedback, workshops, and relatable tips and strategies on how you can navigate dating and relationships successfully. Find out more about our Membership Services here.

9. The Sledgehammer: Blunt Advice!
Got a dating & relationship question or situation? The Sledgehammer smashes through the nonsense, and gets straight to the heart of the matter. Please click here to find out how you can receive our no-holds-barred, direct, straightforward, no nonsense answers to dating & relationships situations. Note, this advice does not include astrological guidance.

How We Do It: 
This is not the usual garden-variety or fortune-cookie astrology horoscope, replete with crystal balls, a dark lit room and a black cat lurking in the shadows – I don’t have a crystal ball and I sure as heck don’t wear a long, flowing robe or mumu!

To outline “life’s” inner workings and provide insight, I developed a proprietary system where I use a combination of astrological concepts and principles (e.g. mathematical points, geographical data, technical analysis of planetary charts, pattern identification, pattern recognition, transit cycles) to study and analyze unique planetary patterns, in order to decipher where the planets are traveling through the solar system, through what constellations, at what time, and what’s aligned for specific purposes.

Any surprises in store? The solar system is in constant motion and that movement can be beneficial to us.

Sometimes, we’ll pre-date history and take a walk down memory lane, or take big leaps into a future time to see where our planets are in the sky, at what time, and how they are aligned. We’ll shed some cosmic light on what the Universe has in store for you, interspersed with fashion, beauty, dating, relationships, culture, lifestyle, and a fabulous sense of humor along the way.

Here’s to romancing the stars!

Bio: Jacqueline N. Wafor
Astrologer, Dating & Relationship Expert

Proprietary systems I developed:

  1. Love GPS™ : Locate & Decode Mr/Miss. Right.
  2. Sexxtrology™ = Compatibility + Physical Attraction + Emotional connection + Sexual Chemistry in Dating & Relationships.
  3. Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™) : Colors of attraction.
  4. Fashion Forecast: Trends & Designs™ : Business Intelligence for fashion & beauty businesses (for strategy and positioning)

Bachelor of Science in Economics.
Masters in Library & Information Science.

More about me:
I have a teaching background in
Educational & Instructional Technology.

I have one simple philosophy:
“Life’s like a box of chocolates, know what to do with what you get.”

Why Astrology?
There’s a whole lot more to Astrology than being a Gemini or an Aquarius, or any other sign for that matter. In addition to “How We Do It” above, I use astrology because I love helping people:

  • Gain clarity and insight into what matters most to them, so they can strategically position themselves to maximize their opportunities.
  • Creating content that immediately engages target audiences.
  • Please read the: “How We Do It” section above.

For Astrology Readings:
My style is solutions-based, and my clients trust me to elucidate their most arcane subject matter and guide them through discovering the knowledge they need to maximize their love-lives successfully.

Available services range from providing astrological guidance, matchmaking, and dating advice to men/women on how to attract love, favorable timing for a love, how to be compatible with a love interest, understanding the purpose/destiny of certain relationships, and above all, getting a deeper understanding of your self so you can get rid of what’s holding you back from enjoying the love and life you desire.

In order to know what, how, where, and when you flourish, it’s important to understand what your specific planetary alignments are, then:
(a) Play to your strengths & be aware of weaknesses.
(b) Identify where your opportunities are.
(c) Timing is everything – know it, breathe it, use it.

Your love is a valuable asset – don’t waste it. Get practical tips and strategies you can put into action immediately, to start seeing results in your love-life.
See Available Astrology Readings.

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