Astrology: The 12th house can be a very isolating place to be in. This is further compounded when Saturn is in this house. Sometime around your Saturn Return (age 29 – 30), life will point you in a specific direction. At that point, you will be required to learn new skills which will be beneficial for the coming future. That future usually has spiritual undertones to it. However, the new skills you are learning may seem unrelated to it.

Around 35-36 years old, a different set of events will occur. The end result will point you towards the fulfillment & performance of the Saturnian aspect of your destiny. This destiny typically requires being of service to others in some way e.g. spirituality, resolving conflicts, going off to war, helping others, service and ministery to the sick (body, mind, or spirit), jail/prison service/work, etc.

You will be required to answer the call of destiny. There is no avoiding it. The planets never lie. When your turn comes, i.e. if you have Saturn in the 12th house, be sure to do your work, and minister to others by serving them, according to the requirements of your Natal Chart. Avoidance can lead to a lot of loss e.g. career, job, marriage, a relationship, finances, home/apartment, property, furniture, family issues & so much more.

Technically, most people aren’t trying to avoid Saturn’s call of destiny. What happened/happens is that they are not aware of this calling upon their lives, or the unique deatils of their Natal Chart. So, they suffer, albeit unintentionally. After all, Saturn in the 12th house really boils down to: Serve or Suffer.

Best solution? Find out where your Saturn is placed, and according to the house placement (1st to 12th house), get to work immediately. This is one of the many reasons why some men & women are single/divorced/broken up, despite their best efforts at finding ♡.
As for me (I won’t tell you my Saturn placement!), however, it is important to know that by doing my work as an Astrologer and a Dating & Relationship expert with excellence and dedication, I am in essence manifesting my own destiny. As a result, I have no choice but to tell the truth, and to use my knowledge & wisdom to guide others, help them find love & manifest their own destiny.