Keep reading to discover how I’ll romance the stars to see what juicy details their planetary alignments have in store + useful tips and strategies for finding love!

If you’re Single or Dating, the current planetary alignments offer a lot of hope, and that seemingly elusive quality that makes relationships go the distance. I’m talking about Relationship-Glue. Here’s why…

When Venus (love) traveled through optimistic Sagittarius (see dates below), it connected with Saturn, the planet of tradition, hard work…and longevity. Saturn is also the planet of serious commitment in relationships, and makes us work hard for the things we desire. Saturn will be in Sagittarius for 2.5 years (see dates below).

While in Sagittarius, Saturn will lay the groundwork for the future by setting up structures that can stand the test of time. During this long 2.5 year transit, some planets will pass through this sign and connect with Saturn. One of such planets is Venus.

This is a big deal because Venus + Saturn = a wonderful indicator for “Relationship Glue!”

To add gravitas to the circumstance, Venus will transit Capricorn from Jan 23, 2016 – Feb 16, 2016. This is significant because Saturn is Capricorn’s planetary ruler. While in Capricorn, Venus will make another connection, this time with Jupiter (luck and abundance) in Virgo.

Translation: It’s Raining Men! Literally. 

Timing is everything! When the planet of love makes a favorable connection with the planet of longevity, it’s time to get back out there and date, with the confidence that as long as we do our part (e.g. honest self-analysis), getting rid of toxic relationships and being open to love, chances are, the Universe will meet us where we are, with open arms.

Serious Saturn will require honesty, maturity, and a commitment. There’s potential here to build serious relationships that will last – if we are willing to do the work.

Dating Strategy? Jan 23, 2016 – Feb 16, 2016: Tap into the current energies available to you, fan out, go on dates, ask to be introduced to potential love interests. Do something. Let the Universe know your intentions.

Love is on the way. Big time.


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*Transit Dates:
Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius: Dec 24, 2015 to Sept 17, 2017
Venus’ transit in Sagittarius: Dec 30, 2015 to Jan 23, 2016
Venus’ transit in Capricorn: Jan 23, 2016 to Feb 16, 2016

Note: This information can also be applied to other Venus/Saturn transits, where applicable.


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