Think colors don’t matter? Think again!
If you’re going to wear color, shouldn’t it work for you? Shouldn’t it project the right energy you can use to attract the love and life you desire?

Wearing the wrong colors e.g. in jewelry, clothing, or a business logo could inadvertently be sending out the wrong energy or message and keep you wondering, “I’m a nice person, why can’t I seem to find love or keep love?” “I work hard but why isn’t my business as successful as other people I know?”

Remember those times when you wore an item of clothing and everyone, including passers-by, complimented you and you wondered, “This old thing…I’ve had it for years. I just wore it because I couldn’t find anything else to wear.”

If you go back and take a good look at the color of that dress, shirt, top, jacket, jewelry, shoes etc., chances are, the color(s) was in harmony with your Natal Chart and its planetary alignments!

Other times, you were dressed to the nines, paid attention to detail, put your very best fashion-foot forward or attended an event and….nothing happened. No one noticed. You didn’t get so much as a cursory glance cast in your direction – and you were probably one of the most attractive looking people at that place or event!

What about times when you seemed to attract so much ‘drama’ in one day or over a period of time? Those times when everything that could go wrong, did?

Your Natal Chart provides an outline of where the planets were located in the sky, and how the stars were aligned at the exact moment of your birth. Translation: You are special. A Natal Chart can offer illuminating insight into various areas of life, including dating and relationship potentials regarding compatibility and chemistry. With a little cosmic guidance, the information you want could be right at your fingertips.

If you have you ever wondered about the connection between color and Astrology, look no further.

We can wear any color we want to wear– it’s our prerogative–and that’s okay. However, if you’re going to wear color, shouldn’t it work for you? Shouldn’t it be in-sync with who you are, and project the right energy you want to attract the love and life you desire?

Personalized Colors of Attraction, PCOAT™ is a proprietary system developed by me, where I use a combination of astrological concepts and principles to harness the rich colors and patterns in a person’s astrology, and create palettes with colors that can be mixed, matched and uniquely adapted to suit each person, via their specific astrological preferences.

PCOAT™ is indepth. It goes beyond the usual, “I’m an Aries, therefore, red is my color,” because there’s a lot more to Astrology than Sun signs.

Astrology is a symbolic language, filled with patterns – pattern recognition, identification and interpretation – which can be beneficial when applied to various areas of life.

Your Natal Chart is filled with so much information! Think about your Sun, MoonRising signs and so much more that is readily available to you–the rich colors, textures, patterns, and symbolism–all of which capture various aspects of your personality and your life’s journey. Awesome, right?

Personalized Colors of Attraction (PCOAT™) Is A Game-Changer.

Research shows that impressions are formed in the first few seconds of interaction. Your image is an expression to others about who you are, what you think about yourself and how you would like the world to perceive you. When you present your image in the right package, you can be magnetic, draw people to you and they respond to the energy you project. You naturally feel more confident and radiate a certain “Je ne sais quoi.”

Best of all, your external image reflects the inner you, vibrates in harmony with the inner you, thus capturing the very essence of who you truly are. #Attraction.

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