There’s love in the air, and in this episode, I outline the best tips and strategies + places in your neighborhood to find love. Have fun getting the love and life you desire!

This month, love and romance take on a glamorous approach! It’s time to put on your best clothes and accessories because love, beauty, luxury, and glamour will be required of you this month—so also will hard work and dedication to work, and your glam.

Got something fabulous you haven’t worn in a while because it’s a bit “too glam” for people to handle? Well, not this time around because this month, the planet of love & beauty will be cruising through luxury-loving Taurus. Roll out the red carpet, folks, ‘cos the stars are aligned for over-the-top glamour, darling!

This week: Fan out + go on dates! Great ops for #dating/relationships ‘cos stars align perfectly for love/romance💕

May 7-8, 2016: Destiny

Remember that thought you had today? Specifically about a project or situation you’ve been working on? Write it down asap!

Reason: Today, you got specific information you needed regarding destiny and the path forward via the planetary alignments between mercury and the moon’s nodes.

Think about it. You’ll know it ‘cos it’ll be the way forward. Most importantly, it’s about something you’ve been working on or trying to figure out. Breathe…’cos you’ve found your way forward. It’s implementation time.

May 6 – 14, 2016: Single, Dating or In A Relationship? 

If you’re single, May 6 – 14 provides excellent opportunities to connect with someone special. The planets are aligned perfectly, so it’s a great time to dress up, put your best foot forward, get out there, and get the love & life you desire.

Locations for love: Possible locations/events include literary-related, fashion, beauty, media, real estate, food, jewelry, banks, museums. If you’re in a relationship, there’s a strong possibility of progressing to the next level. #putaringonit

Also, on May 9, 2016, Jupiter retrograde ends. Translation? Forward movement, motion, momentum, growth, expansion and progress towards future goals, and desired outcomes. Congratulations, everyone!

May 16 – 18: Libra moon today!

Great for inner peace, balance, and harmony in love, life, career, and beauty (inner & outer).

Tip: Find that balance between pleasing others and pleasing you in your writing, blog, video, creativity, and artistic self-expression. Be true to who you really are, while taking others into consideration.

May 21, 2016: Full moon in Sagittarius today!

Sagittarius full moon on May 21 (effects will last until the 31st) comes with a big, international flavor.

Question: A full moon often represents harvest time or the completion of a cycle. What have you been working on?

Tip: It’s time to reach a wider and global audience. A great use of this energy is to seize this opportunity to speak your truth, think big, expand your horizon, and share your knowledge with the world.

Strategy: Find interesting ways to incorporate elements of foreign people, culture, and global trends into your creative works e.g. blog, video etc.
Have fun mixing, mingling, and vibing with people from other cultures too.

The Result: Tons of blessings with this one.The stars are aligned for maximum success!

May 22-24, 2016: Mercury Retrograde ends; Upcoming Love Forecast.

Finally! Mercury Retrograde ends on May 22, and communications-related activities move forward. From May 24 – June 17, love and romance take on a fun and playful approach. Clever, witty repartee will be the order of the day. There’s a lot of communication going on between lovers, as well as conversations between would-be lovers. What do the stars have to say about this? Find out in the next series of Freshly Brewed Horoscopes™

May 23-28, 2016: A Message of Comfort & Hope To Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

This week, if you’re starting to feel down, burdened, stuck, melancholy, depressed or in despair, please understand it’s not about anything you did wrong – it’s Saturn Retrograde’s impact on your sign, asking you to complete a specific task you started working on late last year/earlier this year, regarding self, home, biz, career, relationship, legal matters, partnerships, security and stability.

Solution/Strategy: Find which circumstance above applies to your situation, then do the work involved, wrap it up, and you’ll be fine for a very long time in that area.

Also, pay close attention to the days surrounding May 26th. On that day, be on the lookout for solutions to any of the problems above. You’ll feel the push past obstacles and challenges as Jupiter faces off with Saturn Rx. It’s comforting to know that Jupiter is in forward motion (retrograde ended on the 9th), and you’ll get a chance to relax, breathe,….exhale.

Hope this helps.


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