What you want, love, value or desire comes face to face with the allure or illusion of it, on the 25th. With Venus, Neptune, and Saturn in the mix of things, I recommend you give tangible form & structure to your dream e.g. write it down, make a phone call, do something to activate the positive side of this energy.

Pay close attention to your inner prompting for answers deep beneath the surface, as the Sun makes a favorable connection to Mercury on the 27th & illuminates answers, solutions, discoveries to a specific issue or path to follow.

It’s also possible someone may not like what you have to say, so keeping your discoveries or decisions close to the chest (perhaps until next week), would be a great idea.

As Mars faces off with Uranus Retrograde on the 29th, be mindful of sudden bursts of anger either from you or from other people.

If you discover something or have to fire someone, this week is NOT a good idea to do so. Accidents and random acts of violence are also things to look out for (not to scare or worry you). Take a moment to breathe and exhale before you make a move, respond, or take the next step.

On a much happier note, there’s romance in the air this week, as Venus continues her transit through adventurous Sagittarius. Got your eye on a special someone? It’s okay to reach out and say hello as there’s some “Relationship-Glue” available in the cosmos this week!! I will add: Ask many questions and get clarity because the challenging aspect from Neptune can dissolve boundaries & obscure truth i.e. seeing things through rose-colored lenses.

Also, if you’ve been feeling “conned” or have unanswered questions in the romance department, Venus aligns with Saturn on the 29th to bring a dose of reality. He or she will face the music i.e. they’ll have a tough time keeping up with their lies or pretense.👍 Alternatively, you’ll suddenly see things clearly, and make the decision to move on and move forward.

Not to worry, on Oct. 30th, hope springs eternal with the new moon in Scorpio. New moons indicate new beginnings, and this one is no exception! There are fabulous things ahead! I’ll write more on this later, so look out for it. Until then, enjoy!!