Drum roll please…. Get ready to birth a process, project, patent, trademark etc. We have a fabulous new moon in Scorpio today, and I’m so excited about it!

New moons often indicate new beginnings, events & life cycles. They are a great time to start or experience something new in the area of life indicated by the sign the moon occurs in, relative to your personal horoscope. Expect to dig deep, transform or purge something in the specific area of life this moon illuminates for. Deep insight can be gained, as your thoughts turn inwards & focus on what you MUST do to transform your circumstance into what you’d like it to be.

This New Moon is intensely focused–just the way Scorpio like’s things to be–giving you control & power to mark your territory. What have you been working on, juggling, creating, thinking about launching? It’s manifestation time! The effects of this new moon will last from Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, giving us all a chance to make it happen.

My suggestions:

It’s important to start something new, plant the seeds of something big.

Breathe new life into a previously existing condition e.g. a creative project, a job search, a business etc. This time, lay the ground rules, be hungry & determined to get it, for Scorpio respects power & not the opposite.

If a relationship needs some work, the path forward appears to be raw truth (even if it hurts), and counseling. There’s hope for finding a sweet spot.

If you’re single & looking, there’s a strong possibility for dating & relationships as the new moon connects with Neptune. Candle-lit dinners? Dancing under the moonlit sky? A flirty encounter with a handsome stranger? Check, check & check! You’ll find boundaries dissolving to create opportunities for love & romance.

Also, do-overs are on the horizon. Exes may pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. In preparation, please read #RDA1

Overall, if life’s given you lemons, chances are, you’ll rise from the ashes–just like the Phoenix–but you must do the inner work required.

Barring challenges from your chart, everyone can benefit from this moon, especially if your Sun, Moon, Rising sign, personal planets or angles fall between 4–10 degrees.

Best Wishes!