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For a window of time, the services below will be provided as a donations-based service, made possible via your donations.

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Too often, relationship-minded singles are fed the wrong dating & relationship advice, without being given any real, tangible information or solution they can apply to improve their chances of finding love, or when they find love, how to sustain that love.

Not anymore! We debunk ridiculous and unproductive dating advice that caters to women’s ego and emotions, and we teach correct advice on how to find love, how to let love grow, and how to correctly identify limiting behavior that gets in the way of finding love, so relationship-minded singles can make personal shifts to help set them in the right direction, towards finding love.

Our targeted response to your question or situation gets right to the heart of the matter. Our style is direct, straightforward, and solutions-based. We’d much rather hit the nail on the head, so you can focus on your desire to find love, with information you can apply to your love-life.

Get Dating & Relationship Advice Here
Single, Dating, Just Met Someone or In a Relationship? Got a dating and relationship question, or you need help figuring things out? Read through the options below and select which option(s) best address your situation.

1. The Sledgehammer
Get blunt dating & relationship advice that smashes through the nonsense, and gets right to the heart of the matter. The suggested donation amount is $45 – $60. Great for questions like these.

2. Discover Your Best Times For Love & Your Top 5 Places To Find Love
Great as an excellent guide for places to potentially find love in one’s local neighborhood, within a specified month of your choice. The suggested donation amount is $100 – $150 for one person’s chart.

3. Decode Your Love Interest
Find out what he or she’s really looking for in a relationship. Great if you’re single, dating, just met someone, or you’re in a relationship. The suggested donation amount is $100 – $150 for one person’s chart.

4. Dating Strategy
Tired of dating the wrong people? Discover how to locate and decode Mr/Miss Right! This includes a combination of dating advice and astrological guidance. The suggested donation amount is $150 – $200 for one person.

5. Discover Your Potential Hot Zones & Locations For Love
Great if you’re tired of the dating options in your city and nearby communities.
The suggested donation amount is $100 – $150 for one person’s chart.

6. Personalized Colors of Attraction™
Think colors don’t matter? Think again! Shift your love energy with your own Personalized Colors of Attraction™, and learn how to incorporate these colors into your lifestyle and personal style. The suggested donation amount is $150 – $200 for one person.

7. For Dating Coaches, Dating Experts, Matchmakers Only
Are you a Dating Coach, Dating Expert, or Matchmaker? Click here.

8. Natal Chart Reading
Gain illuminating insight into the unique details of you (or a love one’s) previous, current or upcoming trends and patterns in dating, relationships, career, finances, and so much more. Great insight for navigating love, life, or career. The suggested donation amount is $100 – $150 for one person’s chart.

9. Relationship Compatibility Reading
This reading analyzes two people’s charts for compatibility, within the context of dating and relationships. This is a combination of natal chart readings and decoding. The suggested donation amount is $250 – $350 for two people’s charts.

10. In a Relationship: Drifting Apart? Bumping Heads?
We understand that relationships can go through tough phases. This reading analyzes dissecting both people’s charts, to help get a better understanding of the inner dynamics. The suggested donation amount is $250 – $350 for two people’s charts.

11. Career, Business, and Talent Consultation:
This astrology reading helps you hone in on a career, business or talent-related question or situation. The suggested donation amount is $100 – $150 for one person’s chart.

12. Get Unstuck, Discover Your Destiny & Purpose:
Feeling stuck lately? Some people identify with certain traits in their personality while the not-so-obvious traits could be the key to successfully aligning with your purpose. Unlock the messages in your chart, align yourself with your purpose. The suggested donation amount is $100 – $150 for one person’s chart.

How This Works:
1. Make your selection by clicking on any of the options above. Read through, then come back here to make your donation. Click here to make your donation via PayPal. When you click on the link, sign up or login to PayPal. Please indicate which option you chose, in the PayPal form or use this form to provide us with details you think we should know. Example: ‘The Sledgehammer’ option corresponds with option #1. Simply indicate your selection by using the corresponding numbers ranging from 1 to 10.

2. When we receive confirmation of your donation amount, we will begin to work on your question, option or situation. You will receive our response to your question, option, or situation within 2 – 5 business days of us confirming your donation to us.

3. The format in which you will receive our answer to your question will be either in written form e.g. via email, or an audio mp3 file. This is what most clients prefer, and we find that it works very well.

Delivery Format:
Our response to the option(s) you select will be delivered by emailing an MP3 audio file, OR a written email response to your question or the option(s) you select, to the email address you provide us with. That means if you select options 1, 3, 4, you’ll receive either an MP3 audio file via email response OR a written email with answers to each question or option you selected.

Important Information:
Be sure to include the name and email address you used  (when you contacted us), in the “instructions” area of your PayPal donation, if available. Alternatively, you can use this form to provide us with details you think we should know, or you can send an email to to explain your situation, problem or question, after you’ve made a donation. This is to help avoid mix-ups, and ensure that we can easily match the right donation amount to the right name and email address.

All options except #1 may involve astrological guidance. As is customary for all astrology and horoscope services, this means your birthday information will be required to provide guidance and illuminating insight, that’s personalized just for you.

Donations are non-refundable. Per our Terms of Service, we do not and cannot offer or charge you for professional medical, psychological, financial, or legal advice. Only certified medical, financial professionals, lawyers, and psychologists, appropriate licensed professionals can do so. Client(s) must be age 18 and older. We will not make any decisions for you during any of our advice, readings or consultations. Ultimately, you have freewill. That means you are responsible for your decisions, thoughts, choices, actions, well-being. We do not guarantee your future or your outcome. You are responsible for doing your life’s work, homework and preparation.

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