At The Fashion Astrologer™, we deliver fashion forecasting and analysis on upcoming and emerging trends & designs that will influence the markets in the next 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years. We work with clients in the retail and luxury markets to deliver business services for strategic planning and positioning, buying strategy, conceptual design, and product development.

Our clients include

Fashion: Boutiques, Luxury, Retail, Designers, Design professionals, Stockists, Buyers, Merchandisers.
Beauty: Makeup professionals, Skincare professionals
Design: Graphic & Creative Design professionals.

How We Do It

Fashion Forecast: Emerging Trends & Designs™ is a proprietary system we developed, to analyze and interpret:

1. Upcoming and Emerging Trends & Designs
2. Conceptual Design
3. Product Design & Development

Our results incorporate an analysis of upcoming socio-cultural trends and influences in fashion, beauty, and design before they occur.

We outline suggestions to use as a guide to assist your understanding of what to incorporate into your buying or design strategy, in the upcoming months or years ahead.

We identify and interpret trends that will be significant in the upcoming months or years, and offer ideas for creative direction, buying strategy, conceptual design, product design & development in the following categories:

Colors, fabrics, textures

Shoes, Bags, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings.

Prints & Graphics
Original concepts for print and graphic designs. Great for product design and development.

Beauty Trends & Products
Trends and direction for makeup and skincare products.

How We Do It For Retail or Luxury
Our 1yr, 2yrs, or 5yrs forecast is translated to suit your business and niche market. Based on your needs we can develop seasonal or yearly themes to highlight significant trends for:

– Fashion Trend & Direction
– Silhouette & Detailing
– Color Forecast, Scheme, Palette
– Materials & Textures
– Prints & Graphics
– Beauty Trends & Designs
– Accessories: Type, Textures, Trends, Designs.

Written or Visual Presentations
– Mood Boards
– Seasonal Themes & Trends
– Yearly Themes & Trends

Here’s An Example

Business intel by TheFashionAstrologer™, Forecasting Emerging & Upcoming Trends & Designs. Great for strategic planning and positioning, valid between November 7 – 11, 2016 ONLY.

For the following businesses or related services
Fashion, Beauty, Merchandiser, Stockist/Buyer, Luxury, Retail, Boutique, Designer
Art/Graphic Design, Home Decor, Creative Design.

Timeline: Best used between November 7 – 11, 2016 ONLY.

Creative Concepts & Design Inspiration

Mood Board: Fleur-de-lis

Color Theme: Royal Flush

Color Palette: Colors, shades and/or combinations of the following: Orange, Turquoise, Pink, Teal, Red, Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Gold, Aquamarine, Purple, Yellow, Metallics of any of the above. You can also use these colors alone (solo) without combining them.

A few examples of awesome combinations include, but are not limited to:
Gold & Purple/Blue
Yellow & Purple/Blue

NOTE: Blue can also be Royal Blue.

Trend Direction
Metals, metallics, fabrics, textures, graphics, prints, materials of the color(s) or combos above (color palette) can be incorporated into creative works.

For Style Direction
The great outdoors, amazing travel destinations, and/or bringing the outdoors indoors i.e. incorporating this aspect into creative works. Ditto for tribal prints, styles, fabrics, and colors.

The product/outcome/result of your creative work (e.g. styling, store layout, photoshoots, makeup, fashion, design, decor, logo, banner, magazine layout, flyer, creative designs) are reflective of one, any, all, or some of the above. To see Mood Board + Design Inspiration, contact us here.

Here’s How To Schedule Your Consultation
For expedited services, please email:

For standard response time, please fill out this form and we’ll contact you within 1 to 2 business days of receiving your form to schedule your consultation or address your inquiry.











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