The fat acceptance movement and its alleged intentions regarding ‘body positivity’ is a load of croc! The irony is: Obese women are NOT interested in or attracted to obese/over-weight men. Yet they want men who are hot, sexy, fit, muscular and handsome to be forced into finding them attractive. How selfish, self-entitled and narcissistic is that? Bask in the irony of that double standard…

Also, the fat acceptance movement fit-shames attractive women i.e. they shame, bully, mock and ridicule other women for being fit, attractive and taking care of their physical appearance for themselves, for the men in their lives and for the men they hope to attract (if they are single women). Newsflash: Masculine men are attracted to an in-shape body and a pleasant physical appearance. Like it or not, women dress up for themselves, and also to attract men. Don’t like it? Become a nun and join a convent.


1. Dear hijackers of TRUE Feminism, I/We do NOT need you. Your man-hating voice of so-called “feminism” does NOT have any official permission to speak for all women. We have our own voices. Our voices speak love, blessings, respect, dignity, peace of mind, appreciation, and gratitude to men, for their very powerful and very significant contributions to society.

2. What an incredible shame it is to share the same gender with free-bleeding, vagina-costume-wearing, vile, lazy, good-for-nothing, self-entitled, self-centered, narcissistic, so-called “feminists” and their dysfunctional sisterhood of failure. As a collective, third-wave so-called “feminists” are a complete, total, and utter disgrace to society, and the world at large. #NeverMyFeminism.

3. If you are a so-called “feminist” intent on opposing my post or commentary with your man-hating, feminazi narratives, newsflash: I am not interested. #WallofSilence. Take your childish arguments to one of your man-hating covens. Everyone is tired if you, your man-hating, and your hateful, divisive, mean-spirited rhetoric. If you want to help women (as you allege), then hop on a plane to countries where women are truly being oppressed. We do NOT need you.

I hope this gives everyone some food for thought.


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