What Is Fashion & Beauty Astrology?

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Fashion and Beauty have found a soulmate in Astrology – and rightly so. From luxury designers and beauty product creators, to high-street collaborations featuring a side-order of astrology, we’re starting to see even more astrological references in the world of fashion and beauty.

Fashion and Beauty magazines and online publications include daily, weekly or monthly horoscope sections in their glossies and digital publications. Fashion designers incorporate the zodiac into their designs, thereby capturing and translating the essence of the mystical and the ethereal through their designs.

The creative community at large, and astrology enthusiasts recognize that astrology isn’t just about being a Gemini or an Aquarius – or any of the 12 signs of the zodiac for that matter – rather, they understand there’s a whole lot more to Astrology than Sun signs.

Astrology is a symbolic language, filled with patterns – pattern recognition, identification and interpretation – that can be beneficial when applied to various areas of life. Astrology is both personal and universal. It creates an opportunity for people to bond over shared birthdays, anniversaries, Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, planetary placements and their symbolism in our lives. Unlocking the secrets to our Natal Charts, through Astrology, can help with gaining illuminating insight into your love life, cosmic dating and relationship profile, career, business, life purpose and so much more. Why? That’s because a Natal Chart provides an outline of the planetary alignments at the exact moment of one’s birth. Translation: You are special.

The relationship between Fashion, Beauty, and Astrology can be likened to that found between soulmates, where each person has a keen, intuitive bond and understanding of the other. Suffice it to say that with Fashion, Beauty, and Astrology, the stars are aligned! As a result, no matter how you combine them, Fashion + Astrology; or Beauty + Astrology; or Fashion + Beauty + Astrology = A Match Made In Heaven!

“Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity.” – The Devil Wears Prada.

Examples of Astrology-themed luxury designer collections include:

  • Pucci Zodiac-inspired print dresses and bags
  • Valentino Cosmic Couture Collection
    (featuring clutches made with Oyster Pearls!)
  • Judith Leiber Zodiac Minaudières
  • Charlotte Olympia Zodiac clutches and ballet flats
  • Jimmy Choo solar-studded hobo bags and Zodiac inspired wallets and clutches
  • Rebecca Minkoff Zodiac ballet flats
  • Amy Zerner Astrology and spiritual jewelry
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Zodiac sandal collection
  • Christian Louboutin Zodiac Shoe Collection

The list is goes on!

Here’s How This Can Be Beneficial To You In Love, Life, Career, Business

1. Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™)
Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™)
Wearing the wrong colors in love, life or career (e.g. in jewelry, clothing, or a business logo) could inadvertently vibrate the wrong energy or message and keep you wondering, “I’m a nice person, why can’t I seem to find love or keep love?” “I work hard but why isn’t my business as successful as other people I know?”

Personalized Colors of Attraction™ (PCOAT™) is a proprietary system we developed, where we use a combination of astrological concepts and principles to harness the rich colors and patterns in a person’s astrology, and create palettes with colors that can be mixed, matched and uniquely adapted to suit each person, via specific details in their natal charts’ astrological alignments. PCOAT™ is in-depth. It goes beyond the usual, “I’m an Aries, therefore, red is my color,” because there’s a lot more to Astrology than Sun signs. Think colors don’t matter? Think again! Get your Personalized Colors of Attraction™ (PCOAT™).

2. Fashion or Beauty
Fashion or Beauty Horoscopes

Fashion or Beauty Horoscopes are a creative and visual way to showcase fashion through the lens of astrology, thus bringing the world of astrology to life through fashion, style, and beauty that is aspirational, inspirational, and attainable. Here’s an example: If for instance, the stars foretell a romantic encounter with a handsome stranger, or a current love-interest, it’s important to know what to wear and how to wear it to attract the love you desire, or to fan the embers of a new attraction into smoldering flames. With our Fashion & Beauty Horoscopes, you can get the answers you need right at your fingertips because it is the merging of the mystical and the material, where each astrological sign gets to express and celebrate their unique personal styles and esoteric inclinations in a personalized and meaningful way. This creates maximum opportunities for self-expression i.e. your outer image can be styled to reflect your inner self – and that’s personalization at its finest!

This Typically Includes

  • Items to be purchased from a retailer, indie creator or designer, store or online website.
  • How to use colors, styles and trends to enhance your best qualities and features.
  • Colors, trends, styles, eye makeup, beauty products, clothes, shoes and accessories tailored to suit you.
  • Mood boards suggesting items for purchase from a store or an online shopping website.
  • Each post/editorial piece will be customized to suit the season, theme, trend, event, a store’s catalog or preference.
  • Fabulous mixes of high-end luxury and everyday fashion or beauty products.
  • When customized by season, theme, trend, event, or a store’s catalog or product offerings, there’s a lot of potential here to be fashion-forward in the realm of fashion and culture.

3. Career & Business
Fashion Forecast: Emerging Trends & Designs™

The application of astrological techniques and principles to the business side of fashion and beauty. It is the strategic positioning of a business to maximize upcoming social trends and influences before they occur, thereby strategically positioning yourself and your business to be ahead of the curve.

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Image courtesy of Adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net