Dating & Relationship Events/Mixers

Single, Dating, Just Met Someone, or In A Relationship? Learn How, Where, When To Find Love, or How To Add More Spice To Your Current Relationship!

Dating & Relationship Events/Mixers
Give your guests, friends, family or clients a delightful experience learning relatable relatable astrology tips and strategies for dating & relationships; how, where and when to find love; and an inspiring Q & A session. The topics listed below can be customized for you, or new ones can be created to suit your needs.

Some Examples Of Topics To Choose From

1. Dating & Relationships: Sample Topics, Advice etc.
Some examples include, but are not limited to topics on how to find love, how to let love grow, and how to correctly identify limiting behavior that gets in the way of finding love, how relationship-minded singles can make personal shifts to help set them in the right direction towards finding love, how to avoid/get over a breakup, how to forgive an ex, how to deal with rejection, or a dating and relationship topic of your choice. If your questions or topics are different from those mentioned here, please email us the questions or topics you would like us to discuss at your event at:

2. Astrology, Horoscopes, Dating Advice Topics
You and your guests, friends, family or clients will get insider information on what juicy details and awesome gifts your planets have lined up for you, plus, fabulous tips and strategies you can put into action immediately, to start seeing results in your love life. The topics listed below can be customized for you, or new ones can be created to suit your needs.

  • Upcoming Love Horoscopes
  • Love Advice for Dating & Relationships
  • How To Get Your Crush To Be So Into You.
  • Dating A Scorpio or Any Other Sign? 10 Facts You Need To Know.
  • How To Use Your Venus To Attract Love.
  • Decode How He Likes To Do It.
  • How To Decode What Type Of Woman He’s Truly Attracted To.
  • Master Flirting Techniques According to Your/His/Her Sign.
  • Ghosting: How To Detect, Avoid or Prevent It.
  • Brilliant Tips For Dating When Mercury Goes Retrograde.
  • Signs He’s Truly Attracted To You.
  • How To Seduce Him By His Sign!
  • What To Wear While You’re On The Lookout For Mr. Right.
  • How Astrology Determines How People See You
    & How You Can Apply It In Love & Romance.
  • Venus & Mars On A Date: What To Expect.
  • Relationship Glue: How To’s.
  • It’s Raining Men! Where & When.
  • Romancing The Stars For Love.
  • Mars In Scorpio: Love, Sex, Magic!
    How & Why Mars In Scorpio Is Super Important For Your Love-Life!
  • You Rock My World, Do I Rock Yours?
    Understanding Compatibility & The Sexual Side of The Zodiac.
  • Moon Signs & Relationship Compatibility.
  • Astrology Chart Readings Available Upon Request.

Events & Mixers can be customized for you, or new ones created to suit your needs.  

Contact us to schedule your event.

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