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Sexxtrology™ is a proprietary system of relationship indicators we developed for Compatibility, Physical Attraction, Sexual Chemistry, Emotional Connection, and Astrology, in Dating & Relationships. Therefore, Sexxtrology™ = Compatibility + Sexual Chemistry + Physical Attraction + Emotional Connection in Astrology, for Dating and Relationships.”

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This is an elegant soirée, coffee, brunch, or group event featuring relatable dating advice, astrology tips and strategies for dating & relationships; how, where and when to find love; and an inspiring Q & A session.

You and your guests, friends or clients (e.g if you’re a matchmaker, coach, event coordinator) will get insider information on what juicy details and awesome gifts your planets have lined up for you, plus, fabulous tips and strategies you can put into action immediately, to start seeing results in your love-life. See also: Dating & Relationship Advice

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