Dating Strategy

Tired of Dating The Wrong People?
Ready To Locate and Decode Mr. Right?

If you answered, “Yes!” to these questions, then you are not alone. Like you, many people often feel frustrated with the many challenges they encounter in the dating and relationships.

Despite having wonderful qualities, many Singles often find themselves wondering, “When will I finally meet The One? You know, the one who makes my heart melt. The one who at last (sigh…) puts an end to this dating conundrum?”

We Can Help! 

First, Let’s Clear Up A Few Misconceptions

  1. Dating is NOT about popularity or who gets the popular vote
    Being pretty, attractive, financially secure, having a home(s), thriving business, career, and other types of success are great but they are not enough to find or keep love.
  2. Dating is NOT about your accolades
    Quite frankly, your education, degree, license, certification, and credentials are great but they are not enough to find or keep love. They are great ice breakers, conversation starters, talking points, excellent for paying bills, and great for getting a fair shot at success in life. However, when it’s time to choose who to date, marry, or commit to, why not you? Why aren’t you being chosen to commit to?
  3. Dating is NOT a numbers game
    You may have gone on a number of dates, and you’re tired and frustrated with the long, drawn-out process of dating the wrong people. We’re here to help! Success in dating isn’t just about going on a multitude of dates, and hoping one will turn out right. Success in dating is about having a winning Dating Strategy.

Welcome To Our Dating Strategy & Date Coaching Services
Our goal is to provide you with personalized and confidential dating and relationship services, to help you manage your love-life. If you want to cut out all the noise out there, and get down to the business of love, then our services are for you. Sometimes, life is quite simple, and other times, it’s got more twists and turns that leave you wondering, “What just happened?” or “How could I have prevented that?” or “When will I find true love?

We Can Help!
You don’t have to date that commitment-phobe or romantic-deceiver. Your love is a valuable asset – don’t waste it. We’ll give illuminating insight into the inner-workings of your love-life, and provide tools and strategies you can implement immediately, so you can take charge of your love-life, and start working on results.

You can have all the desire in the world to find love, but if you don’t learn the correct information to attract love, and to sustain that love, either you won’t find the love you desire, or when you find it, you can’t sustain it, and it’s over. If you’re tired of being single or you’re tired of dating the wrong people, you’ve come to the right place! We teach relationship minded-single women how to attract love, how to sustain love, and how to let love grow. Our program is designed to help relationship-minded single women find love, by equipping them with the correct knowledge, information and skills required to be successful in love. With our help, you no longer have to navigate through dating and relationships they way you’ve done it so far. This time, you re-enter the dating world prepared to attract the love you desire.

Too often, relationship-minded singles are fed the wrong information, without being given any tangible advice or information they can apply to their love-life. Not anymore! We’re here to help make that shift from ‘single’ to ‘in a committed relationship or marriage’ with a wonderful man who loves you just as much as you love him!

Here’s What We Can Do For You
Our style is direct, straightforward, and solutions-based. Together, we can help you get a better understanding of your love-life, where you want to be, and what could be holding you back, and best of all, how to be successful in dating and relationships. We’ll answer your questions and provide you with dating strategies and information for you to create your own personalized dating & relationship action plan:

  • If you want to gain illuminating insight and strategies for understanding chemistry, attraction, how to navigate dating & relationships, compatibility, your relationship indicators, or why your attraction or effort isn’t being reciprocated.
  • If you want to stop making the same mistakes, learn how you can maximize your love potential, navigate a relationship with a love interest, discover what you and/or your love interest require for emotional compatibility.
  • If you want to learn how to find success in love, and how you can improve your dating and relationship results.

When you schedule a consultation, based on your needs, we’ll give you real steps you can to put into action IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s How It Works:
You don’t need to commit to a Lengthy program.
You don’t need to commit to a Monthly program.

WHY? – Our services are NOT cookie-cutter, rather, each session is 1 hour long, and is designed to suit your specific dating and relationship needs, with no additional charge or strings attached, per session.

You are welcome to sign up here for one session only, or sign up for more than one session, according to your specific needs. Together, we’ll discuss your dating and relationship needs, problems, headaches, dilemmas, hopes, wishes, and we’ll answer questions to give illuminating insight, and help you create your personalized dating strategy with practical steps you can to put into action IMMEDIATELY. 

Our Dating Strategy Plans
Get tangible dating and relationship advice, illuminating insight and strategies for understanding chemistry, attraction, how to navigate dating and relationships, compatibility, your relationship indicators, why your attraction or effort isn’t being reciprocated, or how to find success in love.

  1. Single, Dating or Just Met Someone? – Find Out More About Your Hot-Spots For Love, Best Times For Love, How To Navigate A New Love Connection and How To Decode What They’re Really Looking For In A Committed Relationship, How To Find Success In Love.
  2. Love GPS™ : Locate & Decode Mr/Miss Right. Love GPS™ is Guy Positioning System™.
  3. Sexxtrology™ : Dating & Relationship Indicators For Physical Attraction, Emotional Connection, Compatibility, and Sexual Chemistry.
  4. Dating Strategy Boot Camp: We target very specific topics, issues, counterproductive dating advice that could be keeping you from finding love, and we teach correct advice and dating strategies for finding love.
  5. Ask Our Dating Expert: Sometimes you need someone to help untangle the knots. Get tangible dating & relationship advice, useful tips and strategies for understanding chemistry, attraction, how to navigate dating & relationships, compatibility, your relationship indicators, or why your attraction isn’t being reciprocated.
  6. Shift Your Love Energy: Think colors don’t matter? Think again! Find out more about Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™), How To Use Colors To Shift Your Love Energy, How To Be Fabulous @ Any Age, Size or Budget™.

Consultation Options: Private or Group
1 Hour Phone Consultation.
1 Hour Video-Chat Consultation.
1 Hour In-Person Consultation.

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