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Please Note:
This event is NOT for you if you have challenges being faithful in a relationship or committed to one man/woman only.

If you are ready to learn how to locate and decode Mr/Miss Right, this event is for you.

For this event, we will only accept attendance by men and women who we believe will be successful in love.

The Rules Are As Follows:

(1) You are not married.
(2) You are not in a relationship, situationship, or committed relationship with someone.
(3) You are above the age of 24 years.
(4) You want to be in a serious, committed, monogamous relationship or marriage with one man or woman only.
(5) You are serious about finding love.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Here’s a list of topics to choose from–you’ll be very impressed! We covered a lot of ground in our topic selection, however, if you have other topics you’d like us to discuss, please contact us.

Here’s How It Works:

Attendees can schedule a consultation with us after the event. We’ll work with you to outline a unique strategy to guide you through finding love. More about us here.

This Will Help You Identify The Following:

  • How, where, when to maximize opportunities for finding love.
  • Your cosmic dating & relationship profile for chemistry & attraction.
  • What you and your potential soulmate require for a committed relationship/marriage.
  • Strategies you can put into action immediately, to start seeing results in your love-life.
  • Timing: Two specific times for love

About This Event
A one-of-a kind event with a solutions-oriented discussions, featuring relatable astrology tips and strategies for dating & relationships. Followed by an inspiring Q & A session on dating & relationships.

This event can be a workshop, mixer, coffee, brunch, an elegant soirée, or event of your choice e.g. for you and your friends/group.

Minimum # of Attendees:
Private Event: 5
Group Event: 10+

Got Your Eye On Someone Special?
At your request, we will also select men and women from this pool as potential dates or matches.

Price: Available upon request.

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