I am tired of dating the wrong people. I am tired of dating people who at first, everything feels great, the electricity is in the air, I’m filled with hope, then suddenly, without warning, it’s over, and I’m left alone to pick up the pieces, wondering, “What just happened? Why didn’t I see that coming?”

I am tired of investing my time and energy into a relationship, only to discover it wasn’t worth it after all.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, even well-intentioned clients do experience similar dating and relationship challenges.

Best Strategy: Work With Us

Work with us to increase the number of successful matches between clients.

Our in-depth astrological guidance will provide you with useful information on:

  1. How, where, and when your  clients flourish in love; how to play to their strengths, be aware of weaknesses, and identify what they are really looking for in love, marriage, dating, relationships.

2. Identify favorable times for love within a specified period for your client. Great for strategically positioning them to maximize their opportunities to find love.

3. Strong indicators for compatibility, emotional connection, physical attraction, and sexual chemistry between two people.

4. Strategies your clients can put into action immediately, to start seeing changes in their love-lives.

5. Events & Mixers, and/or Workshops and Classes with solutions-oriented discussions, and relatable astrology tips and strategies for dating & relationships. This can be followed by an inspiring Q & A session on topics discussed.

How Does It Work?

Please Note: We do NOT need access to your database. Your clients are 100% yours, and aliases or nicknames should suffice.

All services are confidential and safe with us, unless stated otherwise or previously agreed upon.

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Written by: Jacqueline Nwafor | The Fashion Astrologer™ | Bio: Astrologer, Writer, Fashion & Beauty Consultant, Dating & Relationship Expert | Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Masters in Library & Information Science. | Creator of: The Fashion Astrologer™, Personalized Colors Of Attraction™ (PCOAT™), Sexxtrology™, Love GPS™ (Locate & Decode Mr/Miss Right), Fashion Forecast: Emerging Trends & Designs™