After UFC 193, where Holly Holm (talented boxer and mixed martial arts fighter) won the fight against a 12x undefeated, Ronda Rousey (see date below), I was intrigued. Upon further research, I discovered Beyoncé & Holly Holm have something BIG in common!

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Curious to learn more about her, I googled Holly Holm. Her website says her date of birth is October 17, 1981, so I used Holly Holm’s date of birth to create her natal chart. I immediately noticed she was the same age as Beyoncé – both were born in the same year. Mega Superstar, Beyoncé’s date of birth is September 4, 1981. Turns out they are both 34.

Upon studying their charts further, I noticed they both have Saturn in Libra, in their charts! Turns out this could be one of the determining factors for their physical prowess, fancy footwork, and career success.

Saturn, the taskmaster planet responsible for structure, order, discipline and limitations is EXALTED in Libra – this is such a big deal! When a planet is exalted in a sign, it shows up for that sign with the very best of its cosmic gifts and symbolism. Saturn is revered and feared by all for being THE taskmaster, disciplinarian extraordinaire. This is the planet that makes you work hard, provides limitations and restrictions where necessary. It definitely gives structure, order and discipline. As far as Saturn is concerned, appropriately channeled hard work leads to the fruits of your labor a.k.a success and material gains.

The fact of the matter is, everyone needs a healthy dose of planet Saturn to help with providing the necessary discipline required to accomplish our goals and objectives. Imagine the endless possibilities you have when Saturn is exalted in your sign.

P.S: Guess who else has Saturn in Libra? The United States of America, that’s who!

Libra also rules the fashion industry and with Saturn in your corner, no wonder this industry is responsible for producing such timeless creations that have endured for many generations.

Speaking of fashion, Kim Kardashian’s natal chart shows she’s got Saturn in Libra, specifically in the sector of her chart that has to do with gains of wealth, especially through groups and network circles (e.g. Social Media) – need I say more?

How Is This Information Beneficial To Anyone?

Hypothetically, if you were born within the same period, plus or minus one year, you could identify what you like or have in common with any of the people mentioned above (e.g. similarities, areas of interest, things you would like to develop further) and apply them accordingly.

Understandably, everyone won’t become a world famous superstar, however, you can be successful in your own right, and with the right tools. For a lot of celebrities, such tools include natal chart readings by an Astrologer.

Age isn’t just a number. It could also be a blueprint for success – if you know how to work it. Getting a natal chart reading by an Astrologer is one of the best ways to understand your gifts and how you can maximize your potentials. Timing is everything.