Beauty Consultations

Welcome to our Fashion and Beauty Consultations where our goal is to help you find your magic, and become your most alluring and captivating self. Together, we can help you find your special “je ne sais quois.” Whether you’re single, coupled, working, a stay-at-home mom, a business owner, or on the lookout for Mr. Right, our amazing consultations and our secret combinations can reveal how you can rev-up your appearance and put your best you forward.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever:

  • Bought clothes or makeup you never wore.
  • Bought jewelry you’ve never worn, or shoes that didn’t fit days later.
  • Looked in your closet or gone shopping, and felt as if nothing looked right on you.
  • Felt confused at a beauty aisle, makeup counter, a store, mall, or boutique.
  • Felt confused when looking at beauty products, makeup, or flipping through the pages of a lookbook or a store’s catalog – whether it’s online or a physical catalog.

Let’s face it ladies, the list is endless! If you raised your hand to any of these questions, a personal consultation with us can help you with what you want to achieve with your physical appearance, shopping experience, personal and professional goals, and customize solutions to suit to your needs.

Beauty Consultations

You’ll be amazed at how a hint of the right color on your cheeks can define your exquisite cheek-bone structure, or how accentuating the color of your eyes with the correct eye shadow palette can transform your eyes into luminous and irresistible; or how discovering and accentuating your unique qualities can help you feel more confident, giving you that extra pep in your step which can be a huge attraction magnet.

There are tons of products to choose from, which can make sorting through it all, or knowing what will look best on you, based on your needs, a daunting task! From lip color to foundation, to eye shadow and so much more – all available in different shades and textures e.g. some come with shimmer, others with shine, while some are matte – it can feel overwhelming and such an information overload. Love them all, or you simply need help figuring out what to do, or which one to choose from? We can help!

Here’s An Example: Kissable Lips? Yes, Please!
Are you single, coupled, in a relationship, or on the lookout for love? If so, kissable lips are a must-have, so your captivating personality can shine through, and have potential dates eating out of your hand. We can help you with your beauty and glam selections. With our help, you can choose the right color, texture or shade of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner so you can work wonders on your pout for maximum kissability! We’ll show you how you can warm up your lips with soft, creamy colors, and textures reminiscent of cozy nights snuggled up with your special someone.

Whether it’s in your smile, clothes, personality, legs, your infectious joie de vivre, hair style or blow-out, your bone structure, the color of your eyes, skincare, makeup – the list goes on – together, we can help you discover your magic, so you can put your best you forward.

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